Armenian 2014 Representetive AramMp3 speaks to

AramMP3 gives an interview to ESCin5:

First of all, we are really glad for accepting our interview.

1) Thanks to Eurovision, we know you! But there is more than that. Can you tell us about your music career and this optimistic, funny guy?
Well, as you say this funny guy loves to make jokes and overcome hard situations in life with humor. Also, this optimistic guy is passionate about music, shows and stage performances. I grew up in a family where good music was always present and from early age started singing in the choir. Later I participated in many shows and performances more and more falling in love with the stage and music. So now I am musical comedian, anchor, host of different TV shows and musician.
2) How did you decide to compete in Eurovision?
According to the internal selection procedure of Armenian Public Television my candidacy was approved. This was announced during the New Year’s TV show and that was the most desired present for me!
3) Can you tell us about your song? What message do you want to give us?
Main message can be formulated very shortly: fight for love. My song is a ballade about the love. And love doesn’t depend on your lifestyle, age, sex or profession. I want to say to everyone in the world that they are not alone in their feelings and want to call audience never give up no matter what hard may happen in love relationships. I think this song will make people rethink what they really value in their lives, what inspires them and what makes them happy. After listening to it, I hope people will want to kiss their beloved ones.
4) Armenia always comes with assertive and powerful songs. However this year polls and bets are showing you the number one, also “You’re not alone” is the most-watched Eurovision 2014 song on Youtube so far. What do you think about that?
I think that’s great  In fact, I am very thankful for all those people who appreciated all the hard work which was done by my team. This means we are not alone in our musical preferences. I hope to have that support on May 6 also.
5) Will there be any changes on the song?
We spent considerable efforts and time while working on this song, so don’t expect big changes for the Copenhagen performance.
6) What is Eurovision to you? Are you a fan of Eurovision?
I used to watch Eurovision since I was a little kid. I remember Celin Dion’s performance as well as Russian singer Alla Pugacheva’s song. This was a huge musical event which I was following from my house, sitting in front of TV. Eurovision became even more special for me since 2006 as Armenia first joined that community and I remember that happy moment when I heard Andre was qualified for the final.
7) Have you ever listened to other contestants? What is your favorite?
Yes, of course! I followed all entries and have listened to them. All of my colleagues are very talented and have demonstrated professional approach in their songs development. The good thing for this year Eurovision is that everyone can find a song close to them: from ballades to dance songs. I love this contrast! As for my favorites, I am posting about them on my twitter account . So follow me and let me know what you think 😉
8) Could you please tell us about your future plans? What are you doing after the long, tireful Eurovision process?
Well, after Eurovision I plan to continue working on my first solo album. So I hope by the end of 2014 the album will be released and you can hear my new songs!
9) Finally, we have that corner “What do the stars like” on the website. You should catch up one fast, without thinking. Hope you’re ready!:)
• Being a singer or being a comedian?
Being at artist
• Piano or guitar?
• Beer or wine
• Buying cd’s or buying books?
• Singing your song in English or in Armenian?
Singing! 🙂

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