Montenegro 2015 Representative Knez Speaks To ESCin5!

Hello Knez, First of all, we are really glad for accepting our interview.

Firstly, congratulations to you, you’re representing Montenegro in 60th Eurovision Song Contest! We know that you have a special interest in music and you proved yourself, your talent in a successful way, so tell us about yourself a bit.

Thank you for this interview, it’s nice to meet people who follow Eurovision. Representing Montenegro in Vienna is great way but responsible as well, when you are aware that all world is watching you for those 3 minutes you have. As it will be 60 years of the contest in Vienna, I am so excited to see the show live, meet other contesters and people, About me – there is lot to tell, but let me say few things. I am into music for more than 20 years. Back in 1992. I started my solo career, and before that I was member of Visoka frekfencija and later Montenegro band which had greatest musicians. I have released ten music albums, and eleventh is planned for spring 2015. My music is pop in general with bit of rock sound. My latest album called The music of Balkans, is experimental sound, not typical for my music, but I wished to do something different and produce sound that was interesting for period I was into and for European audience as well. It is urban ethno jazz. I believe you will have opportunity to hear it on some promo CD I will bring in Vienna.

We also know that you’re a Eurovision fan. What were your first feelings when RTCG has offered you to represent Montenegro in forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest?

That is true. Eurovision is for us musicians like Olympic Games for athletes. When RTCG called me more than month ago and asked for this honorable act, I was so happy that can’t describe. It was the dream comes true, something that I always wanted to do, as a fan of Eurovision Song Contest music, and as a singer who performed at all national and regional music contests.

So, let us ask your favorite Eurovision songs.

There is lot of great singers and songs that I had chance to hear in Eurovision. It is amazing way to hear and show your music. Let me mention you few – Euphoria by Loreen. The song is amazing, even in original and acoustic version. The performance and her energy on stage were spectacular. Then, Satellite by Lena, For real by Athena, Manga, Margaret Berger, Rona Nishliu and many many more.

Last year, Montenegro went through the finals for very the first time. This seems possible for you too, for us you can go through the finals with your successful career. Therefore we would like to know “how are you preparing for the contest”

Thank you for that I hope I can make it to final, as Sergej did in Copenhagen. I work hard on this song for Eurovision, to make it great and do in Vienna as best I can. Currently I am releasing album which will be published in Spring 2015. I do have promotion of my new single “Znam Da Nisi Ona” ( I know you are not the one)

so next period is full of hard work, preparing the album and looking for best song for Eurovision stage. There are lot of ideas, but it’s neccessary to unite all positive energy and ideas into one theme. Luckily I have good team behind, for support, suggestions and promotion, but still lot of work I have to do it myself.

Have you ever asked for opinions from the former Montenegrin participants?

Of course I have. Sergej Cetkovic and I are good friends for many years. He congratulated me when he heard I will be the next presenter of Montenegro and gave some advices. He tried to share part of his experience during two weeks he spent in Copenhagen and months before. But some things you just can’t describe by words. When the Eurovision comes closer, I will be happy to ask him for more details about all organization and protocols.

As a team we love your songs Donna and Najbolja! Any clues about your Eurovision song? For example, as a sound will it be closer to Donna or Najbolja? Or are you going to suprise us?

I am going to surprise you, yes. All I can say that it wont be as Donna, neither as Najbolja.

Any clues about the language of the song?

Neither that yet

How about to know you some personal? What Knez do in his daily life? Your hobbies?

As all ordinary people. I do like sports and I go to gym often, trying to live healthy life. I like to travel, going out with friends, listen to good music, and watch movies. I like to paint, but not much time for that creativity. And I like to sing and act. I was contester of first session in Belgrade last year for Your face sounds familiar TV show. Great experience and very fun days!

Thank you for the interview. We are looking forward to see you in Vienna!

Thank you so much! I can save piece of cake for you. See you in Vienna!

Special thanks to Phographer Nemanja Krstic for the Photo of Knez…

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