Sebalter’s message to ESCin5 readers!

Switzerland’s handsome representetive of 2014; Sebalter has a message to ESCin5 readers:


We first would like to thank you for accepting our interview request!

 You’re welcome!

Could you tell us about you and your musical career?

I have been playing violin since age 6. I played classical music for many years, then I shifted to rock music (playing both electric bass and guitar) until I discovered the Irish folk music, which I fell in love with. By the age of 18 I started playing in a well-known country-folk band in Switzerland. In 2012 I decided to try it as a solo artist – right now I am working on my first solo album.

What does it mean SEBalter?


Sebalter stands for “the alter ego of Sebastiano”, so as to stress the gap between the daily life and the life on stage, on which a different part of me stands out, a part that struggles to come out during the daily life.

Youwonyourcountry’s national final! Can youdescribeushowareyoufeelingrightnow? Becauseyou will berepresentingyourcountry in such a bigcontest, whatdoesitmeantoyou?


On onehand I feelpositivelyoverwhelmedandsatisfiedby a musicalachievement I havebeenlongingforlong time. On theotherhandthereis a feelingofresponsibilityandseriouscommitmentthatispresent: I am goingtorepresentmycountry, andthatisveryimportant.

Howdidyoudecidetoparticipate Swiss national final?

Last summer I made a trip in the USA andthatiswhen “Hunter Of Stars” tookshape. Back in Switzerland, I recordedit, and in thatvery time subscriptionsforthe ESC were open. I feltreadyand also feltthat ESC couldbe a goodplacewheretoplaymyfolksong, so I decidedtoparticipate.

Can youtelluswhatisyoursongabout, whatarethelyricsabout? Whatmessage Hunter of Stars shouldgiveus?

«Hunter of Stars» hasbasically a mainkeyofinterpretation: Thereisalways a clashbetweenconfidenceand non-confidence in myselfwhenitcomestoflirtandlove.

Are yougonnachangesomething in yoursongorwe will seethe same version on Eurovision?

Yes, therearesomesmallchanges. In the last weeks, I went on working on thesongand on myperformance.

Thereis not much time leftfor Eurovision. Howisyourpreparations in thisprocess?

Weareplanningsomepromotionaldates in countries which will participate in the ESC in Copenhagen, forexampleLithuania, England andtheNetherlands. In addition, there will beconcerts in Switzerland.

In Eurovision stagearewegonnaseethe same showwhatwesaw on national final or do youhave a suprise? Can yougiveus a littlehint?

Well, I will addsomechoreographicelementstotheshow.

Whatis Eurovision meantoyou? Whatareyourexpectations?

Myinterestin ESC grew in thepastyears.I personallyappreciatetheglamourandthegoodvibethe Eurovision Song Contest transmitsand, above all, itis a showwhere a songwriterlikemehasthepossibilitytoshowhiswork. Itis a veryimportantstage.

Are you a fanof Eurovision? Whendidyoustarttofollow Eurovision Song Contest andwho was yourfavoriteorfavorites? 


As I mentioned, myinterest in ESC grewin thelastyears.Forexample, I watchedthe last year`sfinal – andmyfavorite was withoutdoubtEmmelie de Forest`ssong. My all-time favorite ESC songis«Fairy Tale» by Alexandr Rybak.

Didyou listen otherparticipantssongs? Ifitisyeswouldyoutelluswhichcountryisyourfavorite?


 I haven`tcheckedthem all, yet. Therearemanytalentedartists in Copenhagenthisyear. Fromwhat I saw, forexample I verymuchlikedthe band whowonMalta`s final.

Can you tell us about your future plans and projects?

Right now, I just focus on the ESC. Additionally, I am working on my first solo album, and I am planning an official Sebalter-tour.

Finally, we have that corner “What do the stars like” on the website. You should catch up one fast, without thinking. Hope you’re ready!:)

Being a singer or a lawyer?

a singing lawyer 😉

Wine or beer?


Folk music or rock ?

Folk music

Playing violinor singin a song?


Singing in English or Italian?


Buying books or cd?


Red Zeppelin or Deep Purple?


Travelling or reading?


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